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Rashi – A Maggid's Market Audio-Books
Rashi - A Maggid's Market Audio-Books


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Rashi: The Story of Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki

Written By Yaacov Dovid Shulman
Narrated By R' Feivish Rotbard 
This book traces the life story of this great teacher of Israel. Born in Troyes, France, in the eleventh century, Rashi studied with some of the greatest teachers of his time and eventually established his own yeshiva. The inspiring story of his life is illuminated by his devotion to Torah and his love for the Jewish people. During his later years, the Jewish communities of France and Germany were devastated by the Crusader massacres, and the compassionate rulings of Rashi were instrumental in helping the survivors rebuild their shattered lives. The book also features many beautiful stories about Rashi which were passed down through the ages and have become part of the treasured heritage
of the Jewish people.

Audio Length: 6:19
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