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Shortchanged (For Women and Girls) – A Maggid's Market Audio-Books
Shortchanged (For Women and Girls) - A Maggid's Market Audio-Books

Shortchanged (For Women and Girls)

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Written By E.G. Schwartz
Narrated By Miriam Tzubeli
Life is defined by the choices you make. But every choice has a price...
Your future...or your father's? Your brother...or your children? Can you give up success for faith, loyalty for security, choose between the well-being of  those you hold most dear and the charity that might ruin them?
Sy. Eva. Blanche. Morris. Charlie. As 1934 peters to its uncertain close, each of the Rosens must struggle to wring sense from an unyielding and tumultuous reality that challenges all they've ever known and loved. When sacrifice is the only option, living takes courage...
Searing, soaring,wry and triumphant, Shortchanged lingers long after its final page. 

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