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Give Me The Moon – A Maggid's Market Audio-Books
Give Me The Moon - A Maggid's Market Audio-Books

Give Me The Moon

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Written by Libby Lazewnik

Narrated By Rabbi Morris  

Welcome to the world of Avi and Malka Weisner.

Rabbi Avi Weisner, charismatic leader, needs a new building to house his growing congregation. But has his ambition led him to making a terrible mistake? And will his career survive it?

Mutty Weisner knows what he wants out of life. But can he possibly persuade his father to let him follow his dream?

Shoshie Markovich, Avi's niece, has an outrageous idea on her very first venture into the adult world. Will her error in judgment destroy her relationship with her own twin sister?

Adela Moses, Malka's closest friend, at long last sees the possibility of happiness. But will her son's horrifying secret destroy her chance to build a home of her own?


Once again, acclaimed author, Libby Lazewnik

has created an intriguing world for the reader to 

relax in and enjoy.



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