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Visions of Greatness – A Maggid's Market Audio-Books
Visions of Greatness - A Maggid's Market Audio-Books

Visions of Greatness

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By Rabbi Yosef Weiss

Narrated By Rabbi Doniel Morris 

The power of a true story resonates in the heart. A true story inspires and uplifts. And a true story often connects the generations and brings us closer together. In this eighth volume of the "Vision of Greatness Series", the noted author, Rabbi Yosef Weiss, has compiled an amazing collection of true, stimulating and inspiring stories from the world over. Stories about great Torah personalities and extraordinary stories about "ordinary" people. Meet great Torah luminaries, and observe how they conducted themselves in their everyday life. Other vignettes portray simple, unremarkable people; yet we find that their responses to their own circumstances contain much from which we ourselves can learn and grow.

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